Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Thank you Lord for the lesson ..

By admin on October 25th, 2008
I started the day with little complaint ....

The tasks that pile up makes me difficult to choose where I should begin while the solution is almost the same time. Plus it was my physical condition could not. These circumstances the burden that morning, which made me neglect my personal quiet time with Him. Just a simple sentence that could come out "Thanks GOD for today ..., before I prepare myself and rushed to my work.

Kutumpangi car speeding, carrying me with a variety of agitation in the liver. I looked at the pile of paper that contains the tasks to finish. "... Why I should be sick last night so I can not do that task?? .. While at work someone was ready waiting the results of the solution ...

Suddenly the car stopped ... I was shocked ... what happened?? Apparently there was a troubled soul who was standing right in front of the car. The figure with the appearance of the rumpled and a wry smile on his lips, go away regardless of the bluff from the driver. Spontaneous tears dripping ... "Lord why they should be like this ...?? Are not they also are the noblest your creation ???.. I know YOU love them too .. "After a few minutes, a passenger must come down so the car stopped. My eyes fell on an old woman sitting in a wheelchair .. "Lord, why do YOU give long life to finally have to suffer like that?? .. My heart was asking and trying to answer .." Lord there must be intent behind it .. "Not to loose sight of the figure of an old grandmother with his wheelchair .. a hearse through .. I muttered "... yes, this is life .. Lord who gives, the Lord who takes, blessed be the name of the Lord ..". Now kutumpangi cars along the stretch of road in the vegetable garden is arranged like a beautiful carvings that make up the green hills ...

For the umpteenth time I am amazed ... "really, nothing like YOU LORD, how beautiful this nature ..". Travel unnoticed for nearly an hour had brought me to where I work. Kulangkahkan has not crossed my path in front of my office, my eyes fixed on a street vendor with a seemingly jualannya light ... also an old man with his old gig was busy looking for the passenger .. My heart jumped .. ".. Yes .. it is life that must be fought for .." Your thoughts and feelings going on, trying to understand the purpose behind the Lord of all the events that I witnessed .. I could not hold back my tears, who had been kept to my eyes .. "Lord, who will give meaning to me .." I stepped my foot into the door
office ... What happened?? Ooh .. I just remembered a friend's birthday for days .. Cheerful atmosphere include office space .. We shook hands, joked laughter while enjoying snacks prepared .. I was mumbling ..".. gift of life and we should be grateful .. "After all that is done, as without the weight I started work tasks that must be resolved
day .. Sheet after sheet of paper after I move meyelesaikan calculations in it .. I grabbed a sheet of paper .. I was shocked .. "this really the last piece?? .. I was incredulous check back a pile of paper that has been the move .. Oh "Thanks GOD" this is really the last sheet .. Without waiting for a long time I had it all done immediately .. "It is finished ??.." someone jump .. "Yes sir ... this outcome .." I replied, handing him a pile of paper that has been kususun neat .. "Thank you" .. he said again ..

Peritiwa all day again pictured in my mind .. Irritation in the morning ... the events that I witnessed while on his way to an atmosphere of joy in my office that makes me forget the burden in the morning .. I'm smiling .. 'Thanks GOD, YOU taught me many things these days .. thank you for YOU to replace frustration with joy that I get from what I saw ... I should not stare at the magnitude of the problem that seemed to finish .. I should not ignore the time because it seemed to be pursued teduhku activity .. .. Lord forgive me I should not be ungrateful .. I have to learn to appreciate life before it's too late .. I had to learn to live life with joy .. I had to fight without the complaints that actually hinder the struggle .. I have to keep learn to see the work of GOD in all things that I experienced and witnessed .. "Thank you Lord ..".. This is the sentences that continue to decorate my office hours to finally finish .. I came home with
joy .. "thank you Lord, how incredible YOU ... it's all good when I lead with you and without you I can not do anything because I was a nobody. Let what I got today that can be felt by my brothers, my friends and fellow .. "Thank God ..."