Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Key Success - How to succeed in Career, Business, Family, and Service to God

View of our society in general says that a person's success is measured from the material that he acquired or had. However, that view certainly does not apply to the believer, is not it? The success of one is not only seen from the wealth it has, the lap position and luxury lifestyle. Success is when we can do what we planned, correct errors and shortcomings so that it becomes better, and can overcome obstacles and come out a winner. For people believe the only key to success in work, family, business, or our service is a total surrender to God - that we include the Lord in all our activities. God and come first involves him in our lives every plan is a true success.

So what if we are faced with a failure in the above problem? Do not be discouraged at first. Bambang Widjaja, author of "Keys to Success", is a speaker "motivational and spiritual renewal" in various forums in Indonesia, the United States, Europe, and Australia. Author until now still serves as Chairman of PII, an institution which nasiional level 84-member synod, and 98 foundations with more than 10,000 churches scattered throughout the archipelago. Through this book he shares tips on success in the career, business, family, and services based on knowledge and experience he has.

We are often frustrated with myself sometimes when things are not in line with expectations. What have we planned in the work, study, family, and others seem difficult to achieve and the effort we did not immediately produce results. Do not think so! So whether this situation will improve? Find the answer in this book. This book invites you to put the plan fully in our lives to God (pp. 38-40). Presented with an interesting description language and readable, this book consists of three chapters covering: Success in Life, Maximizing Your Potential, and Stay Tough on difficult period. And in each chapter are given steps and practical tips for you.

Some of the experiences of the author also bertebal coloring book page 106. At each end of the discussion provided a confirmation conclusion of each presentation given by the author. If you currently are in need of strategies and inspiration to restructure your career, business, family, and your ministry, this book could be one source of encouragement
You. Happy reading!

Posted by: Kristina Dwi L