Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Jesus Protected Me

Have you ever had something bad happen or almost happen to you? You could have been hurt really bad, but you weren't? Well today I want to tell you a story of Chantal and how Lord Jesus protected her.

Chantal was a quiet little girl who loved reading books and asking questions on many things, but mostly on the Bible. She was always asking her daddy lots of questions like, "What do angels do?" and "How can Lord Jesus be every where all at the same time?" She loved to listen, as her daddy would tell her all about Lord Jesus and what the Bible had to tell them about all the things that were asked. She was amazed every time to discover that the Bible always had an answer to ANY of the questions she asked. This happened so much that it became a fun thing to do for her and her family. They would all sit on her daddy’s bed and would take turns to ask a question and then they would all spend time finding the answers from the Bible. One night as they where spending time together, the question was asked, "Can Lord Jesus protect us from danger?"

As her daddy looked through the Bible, he found many verses telling them that Lord Jesus loves us very much and there is no evil or danger that could come near them. One of the verses they found was this one:

Psalms 91:11-12
For He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways. They shall bear you up in their hands, lest you dash your foot against a stone.

Chantal just loved this verse and asked her daddy if he could write it out on a piece of paper for her to read and learn. She had done this another time and found that learning verses in the bible can be very fun and help you when you need it. When the devil would come and try to tell her lies, Lord Jesus would make her remember what the real truth was and she would tell the devil to go away and stop lying to her. And do you know what? It worked every time! You see the devil has to listen to Jesus, because Jesus is stronger and can tell the devil what to do. And do you know what? You can do the same! When you asked Jesus into your heart to stay, Jesus in you makes you stronger and allows you to tell the devil what to do, as long as you do it in Jesus Name and it says you can in the Bible.

From that day on Chantal took that piece of paper with her everywhere she went and would read it every time she thought about it. Her two favorite times to read these verses were just before going to sleep at night or on her way to school. You see Chantal had to ride her bicycle to school everyday. Her parents could not take her to school by car.

The only problem with riding a bicycle to school was there was not much to do and it would take forever to get to school. So what she would do to pass the time is spend the time learning the verses from the Bible till she knew them off by heart. And so it happened on this very day...

Like every morning, Chantal was making her way to school, and this morning she decided to take the verse about how Jesus protects us and started to read it out loud and learn it like she had done with so many other verses in the Bible. As she rode to school, she spoke it out loud over and over again. To make it easier to remember, she would make up pictures in her mind to help her remember better. She read the verse 'For He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways. They shall bear you up in their hands, lest you dash your foot against a stone.' Can you think of a picture? What picture comes to your mind as you hear this verse?

Well this is what Chantal saw… She remembered the story in the Bible of when the Syrian king tried to kill Elisha the prophet. A big army surrounded them. Now Elisha's servant was so scared because he knew there was no way they could escape and if they where caught, they would die. Elisha on the other hand trusted in God and prayed that his servant could see in the spirit what he was seeing - He saw all the warrior angels of heaven on chariots of fire all around them, keeping them safe! Could you imagine what that must have looked like? Why not close your eyes now and try making the picture of Elisha and the entire warrior angels of Heaven around him protecting him.

It was a lot of fun imagining pictures and it made the bicycle trip to school not so long and hard for Chantal, as usual. There was just one little problem - It had been raining the night before and the roads where very slippery. Chantal was just come to a part of the trip where she had to leave the road and ride on the sidewalk. She had done this so many times in the past that she could do it with her eyes closed, but on a wet day like today it was a little more difficult and she had to be a little more careful than usual. This is when suddenly, something bad happened! Do you know what happened?

Well, let me tell you! As the wheels of Chantal's bicycle left the road and touched the sidewalk, the bicycle slipped from under her and she fell. What was even worse is that the bicycle fell into the road and she could not get out from under the bicycle as she fell. There was nothing she could do to stop herself falling, but hold onto her bike for dear life and speak her verse as she fell right into the busy road! Now if that was not scary enough! A car came rushing passed her head only inches away, it was the most scary thing that ever happened to her.

With a loud 'SCREEECH" from the brakes, the car came to a stop and a lady ran out of the car to see if Chantal was okay. Chantal was feeling a little weak and shaken up from the fall and seeing the wheels of the car come whizzing passed her head so fast and close. As she checked herself, she was very thankful that she had not been hurt in any way and that her bike was in one piece. As for the lady, she was very happy to see that Chantal was okay and offered to take Chantal the rest of the way to school in her car.

As Lady drove Chantal to school, they spoke about what had happened. The Lady could not believe that she had missed hitting Chantal. The whole thing had happened so fast that before she could do anything, Chantal had already fallen and the car had passed by her and was behind her.

It was then that Chantal knew why! She told the Lady that Lord Jesus had protected her. She told the Lady of how she had learnt the bible verse and was busy learning and speaking it on her way to school when everything happened. She told the Lady how she had learnt for her daddy and the bible, how Jesus always promises to look after us and protect us no matter what happens. It was then and there that she decided to thank Lord Jesus for protecting her and the prayer went like this:

"Thank you Lord Jesus for being so special!
Thank you for always looking after me and protecting me from all the bad things.
Thank you for the powerful verses in the Bible that help me so much!
Please help me to never forget what the Bible says,
And help me not to listen to the lies of the Devil.

In Jesus Name,

As the lady gave Chantal her bicycle and said goodbye, she still could not believe that Chantal was still not hurt, but they both know why and that Jesus was very special and had made sure nothing bad had happened.

So if anything bad ever happens to you or you’re scared something bad could happen, why not use the verse Chantal used and let Lord Jesus protect you? You see He will always look after you no matter what and like what happened to Chantal, even though the Devil tried to make a bad thing happen to Chantal, Jesus was there to protect her and keep her from getting hurt. Aren't you happy to have Jesus in your life to look after you? Don’t you just love Him so much for loving you? Why not thank Him today for all the special things He does for you!

The End.

By Craig Toach