Friday, 20 November 2009

do not steal

By Eka Darmaputera

Welcome! You've just arrived in early exploration of new territory! The region is the law of God which says, Thou shalt not steal.
This command, in the Ten Commandments, are numbered eight. Number two from the bottom. In the game of badminton, the term "last two". Stay two more points before the "games".
After all, even so, these commands do not ever underestimate your or merely trivial. Sin "stealing" is not much lighter, and no less serious, than the other sins of "rank" it is more "high", like "kill" or "adultery".
At the time I was preparing this manuscript, one was busy, bustling run down about "corruption". This, among others, because of the NU and the agreed delivery Muhamadiyah "Movement Against Corruption".
And Magnis Suseno, in one of his speech, saying, that our nation was sliding into the abyss with the heavy destruction, because it failed to tackle corruption.
A year ago I actually had to write, that for this upcoming election, not necessary that we find a great leader in many ways, or experts in many fields. Not too important, whether the candidate's leaders "Islam" or "nationalist"; "civil" or "military"; "Java" or "not Java".
The important thing is, he must clean from corruption, and strong-willed memberantasnya.
If necessary, I half-jokingly writing time, contract-only Lee Kuan Yew to lead this country, for example, for five years!

WHY I was so "insist"? No other is my conviction, that somehow our success in many ways, but if we fail in combating this crime, then all the success it will evaporate in vain. Like receiving water with a leaky bucket - yes when full?
Even if we really want to defeat terrorism, one of the basic requirements also include: eliminate corruption! Why? Because of rampant corruption that widen the chasm of injustice, and stabbed and hurt feelings of many people.
They are "wounded" and "disappointed" it, which is easy to be recruited by radical groups, the persistent promise of change. Of course they know, that change alone does not guarantee that things will get better. But, for them, there is better chance of change, rather than none at all.

THAT's brief, the seriousness of "corruption" that. And whether the nature of "corruption" that, if not "steal"? Barclay categorize decree "shall not steal" as "basic commandment" - a "basic decree".
This means, as well as on a building, when destroyed "basic" it, then also the entire structure collapsed.
"Do not steal" is absolutely necessary for the implementation of a life together in a society.
It's easy to imagine, is not it? For how can a society can remain stuck together, able to maintain "cohesion" as well as social integration, if its citizens "thief" all? How can they live together, what else has worked?
This decree, the Bible, often repeated, to emphasize the seriousness of the sin of God on this one read, for example, Leviticus 19:11 and Deuteronomy 5:19. Curse of God would come down, if the thief is left free to do evil (Zechariah 5:3).
And according to God's law, if the thieves were still wants to live, then the first thing they should do, is to return what they stole (Ezekiel 33:15), plus the fine.
Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), in my opinion, deserve to learn from the provisions of the law. The most prominent principle here is, how to ensure victims receive adequate compensation, and the perpetrators of crimes deserve punishment for their actions. Fair, right?
Absolutely not enough, if a corrupt official, and immediately settled the case considered, only because he had to return corrupt results. Wow, really nice! Mentioned in Exodus 22:1-4, if a goat or a cow is stolen, the thief must pay back five cows and four goats. And if he could not afford? Self that the thief must be sold as a debt payer.
Proverbs 6: 31 even mention a more severe punishment, which is returning "seven times". And for certain types of theft, the punishment instead of not less than the death penalty. That is, if the "stolen" it - or, more precisely, "kidnapped" - is a human being (Exodus 21:16; Deuteronomy 24:7).
IN this modern era, we must admit, "a chance" - and because it "temptation" - to "steal" more wide open. Conversely, awareness of the seriousness "of sin to steal" it continues to decline.
A very severe penalty - even much heavier than it should - I admit, it is sometimes dropped. But the victims are always the "little people". Beaten or burned busy-busy.
This, according to my assessment, is more an outlet for public anger, the lack of seriusan and lack of law enforcement agencies becusan corruptors big deal, rather than awareness of the seriousness of pengeroyok would "sin of stealing".
Community harbored anger, because of this corrupt, corrupt - with reason "assumption of innocence is, or because" not punishable by fixed-strength "is - still can with" smooth "their freedom to enjoy it. Given the chance to abolish the evidence, or flee abroad.
This is just about those who had been touched by the law. And who is more corrupt a larger, but that precisely because "big" it was as if they were "above the law". They do not need to hire defense lawyers, draining enough "nutrition". So punish officials, who with great enthusiasm to defend "penggede-penggede" this.
Ironic! And really infuriate the heart. But unfortunately, are, by the people who "above the law" and both "thick skin", which became the moon-monthly public anger is the "scapegoat".
That is, who else, if not small people, who not infrequently have to "steal" for a plate of rice.
In modern times, I say, the opportunity and the temptation to steal more wide open. In the markets or supermarkets tokon shop, the customers choose their own and take the goods they want. Had not. These items had been displayed just behind the vendor. Customers can only point, and the sellers will get it for you.
All this has now become "normal stuff". Without felt, has made us lose our sensitivity, to the feelings of our brethren who are not. When they saw the objects were all interesting, dancing in front of their eyes. They can pet him, held it, with their hands! We can still feel great "temptation", and how "tortured" them, because it can only look at and hold doang?
We can still imagine, the feelings of the mothers who cry babies starve, but they could not afford to buy milk? Then at these stores, in front of their eyes, milk, canned milk with different brands, get racing ditimang and taken home. And babies in their arms cried again. What if for the sake of their baby, then one can of course, and for just this once, they take it?

IN ADDITION opportunities and temptations grow, the crime of "stealing" is now also take the form of an increasingly diverse. To the extent that legal provisions were almost always behind, unable to catch the speed of emergence of forms of new crimes. Almost always there is time between, where the crime was committed, but could not be prosecuted, because the law does not exist.
If you want to get a clear picture of how "creative" people it was, here lies! Namely in creating a new crime mode. People, for example, spoke of "white collar crime". So named because the crimes committed by people who were "white collar" and to "tie".
They do not pry the door or pick the rearview mirror. Not brandishing "ax red" to take mobile telephone. Nor, like a "squirrel jump ', jump to a full truck load, to undermine it.
No! In contrast to the "blue-collar criminals", they do the crime from behind the desk, in a cool room, armed with pens, telephone and computer. But the results of their crimes many times over.
Times have changed indeed. The forms of crime have also changed the form. More "polite" and more "subtle".
But the danger is much greater. For now, we tend to let it. Those who commit crimes without getting caught, instead we acungi thumb.
And let thieves freely carry out his crimes, according to the Word of God, must bring curse.
Like let the rats gnaw and then destroy the joints joint life together.