Monday, 16 November 2009

God made the rich Indonesia

blessed are those who know Jesus, because they will find peace in his heart.
Indonesia is currently experiencing the worst period.
economic problems, social, political, and natural disasters.
whether there is something wrong with Indonesia?
are already too many people bear the sins of Indonesia?
if God was angry with Indonesia?
the answer is no.
all these bad things because the Lord God gave love with Indonesia.
Indonesia God wants people to remember God in our hearts, that God made man.
God who made Indonesia. that Indonesia remained obedient to God.
imagine if there is no God in their hearts, then nothing will be reminded of God's love in the life of Indonesia.
because it was really God wants to make rich Indonesia. rich in love God.
because it is rich in wealth does not guarantee Indonesia may set aside an offering to God.
rich in social science can not guarantee Indonesia is properly aligned with God.
rich political will does not guarantee big Indonesia will faith.
and protected from natural disasters do not guarantee Indonesia will remember God every moment.