Monday, 16 November 2009

That's the concept of the Christian Family, Extraordinary!

God created man in a pair: male and female (Genesis 2: 21-25). They were created in keperbedaan but a unity. That is, one man but in two different sexes. Humans: men and women, equal and sehakekat, but created in a different function to co-exist. In human differences into an extraordinary partnership that need each other, support each other, complement each other. Keperbedaan was not to oppress or diskiriminasi each other.

God gives pleasure to the man that a man would want a woman, and vice versa. But lust is holy, which is described by the phrase: "even if they are naked they were not ashamed" (Genesis 2: 25). Thus, given God's desire not to diumbar. Pure lust were given to maintain the sacred communion between men and women. To man, God gave tremendous potential in the sense of self as a man and woman that had a sense of love that makes them meet and commit ourselves. That's where the embryo of man to build a family. In family life, human restore God's mandate to ban fruitful, rule the earth.

Therefore, the family is a design of God. Family is not a coincidence, nor a tragedy. God designed the family, between men and women, must co-exist and complement the difference. The couple made the family of God from men and women, not men with men, or women with women. Families created to grow, develop and dominion over the earth the sky and everything in it. Families grow and develop it will become public. So the family must glorify God.

God made the human family together in order understanding. And it could make keperbedaan that they can demonstrate the ability to love one another. The family became a place of love is extraordinary. The family becomes a very peaceful building, and model how wonderful relationships. Families that become the embryo of a healthy society: love one another, united and able to express the love of God.

Therefore, if the "sick", can not reflect the value that should be, it is a sign that families have lost their identity, loss of role they should play in this life. Because if a good family, the community will form a good and intact. So, the family is the central point of hope for the future. Families central point national unity development. To form a family rather than to simply satisfy sexual desires, or to obtain economic security. Not a family tradition, culture or trend. Family is a structure to glorify God.

Christian Family

Every Christian must recognize and seriously address that the family is a major project that should not fail for life. Therefore, the process of forming a family to be reckoned with mature, best calculated. If disappointment comes, it was too late. Indeed there is "risk" as a family made by God. Say, a man and a woman will leave their families to be united, not equalized. Men and women together, so that two different had become one.

Families referred to as a representation community of love, how to live and complete complementarity. Families should be able to describe and illustrate how God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to live in unity and love beyond the usual, so the husband and wife and children were able to fill a sense of community that can lead to an incredible power that can overcome the problem anything, because the burning love.

Does your family have a witness? Have we complement each other, rather than dropping each other? If families do not realize the responsibility, neglect to foster the children, the family has been preparing a bomb. Restless husband to his wife, the wife suspected her husband, or a desperate parents facing child behavior, and so did the children feel not getting the attention and protection from their parents. One thousand one case there could be in the family, but one sentence we need to hold: Whatever the problem, be a winner to take the family as a tribute to the life of the community.

Whatever the problems in the family, hang out with God so that we settled the issue, and was witness to the world. And testimony by the testimony that could lead to awareness of the essential values of Christianity. Did not people have to say that the concept of Christian family that extraordinary? Married once the divorce should not be separated except death, because they have become one flesh. And it was very unusual. Therefore, this understanding should be cultivated as an aspect of evangelization itself. If there is a divorce, let it be the responsibility of each to God.

Therefore, husbands, wives and children have to play the role of the family to be able to finish many things, to build an exceptional value, contributed to the community, church or any state.

Hans P.Tan