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Jesus Savior - Josephine

After listening a few times this site, I became very interested to share my experience of a Muslim for 20 years but now has accepted the Lord Jesus as my savior.
Introducing my Josehine Siatiayu Nastiti, 21 years a student and worked in local television as a presenter.Berasal semarang of Islamic family who is very anti-christ, this is proven because since childhood until now I always receive the doctrine - the doctrine of the church, jesus, and misguided followers. Until at one time, 1.5 years ago I read a book written by a family pastor who converts (in Islam), entitled "Injilku stained". At that time I studied a little book with the intent to strengthen my faith on the teachings of muhammad the messenger at that time I think is right. It is true that happened, I became convinced that Islam is the truest religion of all religions in this world.

However, for some reason six months after I read the book, I tiba2 moved by God to come into the local church in semarang, but this time I was a religion Islam and trust what - what was said by al qur'an.
Several times I went to church, my heart is made calm by carol - carol that I had been taught to humiliate him. Then a short story, I became routine to come to church to attend services every Sunday.

A few months later, precisely in March 2007, I ventured away from the house with my faith, because I believe if I continue to stay in the house, then my faith does not grow well, even I will probably be treated not as they should, but when I leave house, I also still in touch with Mom.
And in the month of May 2007 I was given instructions by the Lord Jesus who moved my mouth to confess to my parents, that I now believe that the Lord Jesus was the messiah and savior saya.Sontak, immediately my mommy weak and helpless and then just lay low in bed. At the time when I came home and found my mother lying weak, my heart is very sad. Moreover, several times a sms came through my hp from daddy that contain "hurry home, my mom worried about her condition" (as - if not be saved again). However, even then I dihardik if Christian doctrine that I follow is a false doctrine, and now my dad said he would kill the person who has made me believe in the Lord Jesus, more than that they told me to go back to my original religion, if not them to claim that they will be tortured in the afterlife because I am. At that moment, a lot of brothers - daddy's brother who sms and phone to confirm it, and expect me to change my decision.
The days passed invective for invective about Christianity, until hubby said he and his group will destroy me, hold me thank the prayer "God bless you" to people - people (including my family) who kept insulting. To me Truth is in my heart, for the people - people who do not believe and hard-hearted, it is so difficult for me to say, but I'm sure to God nothing is difficult for him.
My life went on, so far, God supported me with the road - a miraculous way.
In the past, God never spoke in my heart "ayu, you believe first, then will I
show me the way - the way ". And three weeks ago I had been baptized by immersion in Bethel Church Semarang Indonesia Gajah Mada.
Every day, God spoke more real to me, and I made it a guide for my Christian life.
I believe, for God nothing is impossible including making everyone believe in Him.
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