Monday, 14 December 2009

Dolls for my sister

The last day before Christmas, I hurried to the supermarket to

gifts the original purchase was not planned to buy. When

saw the crowds, I started to complain: "It will take time

ever, are still many places to places I go "" Christmas benar2

increasingly annoying over the years. I wish I could lie down,

sleep, and awoke only after "Even so, I keep walking

toward the toy, and there I began to curse the prices,

wonder if after all kids will actually play

with expensive toys.

We were looking for, I saw a child aged laki2

about 5 years old, hugging a doll. He kept stroking the doll's hair

and looked very sad. I wonder for whom the doll

that. The boy approached an elderly woman in

him: 'Granny, are you sure I do not have enough money? "

The old lady replied: 'You know that you do not have enough money

to buy this doll, dear. " She then asked the child

It waited there for about 5 minutes while she went around to places

other. She went quickly. Male child was still

holding the doll in his hand.

Finally, I approached him and asked who he wanted to

give the doll. 'This is the most beloved doll sister

sister and she is wanted on Christmas. He believes

Santa Claus would bring it to him 'I said maybe

Santa Claus would bring to her sister, and that he should not

worried. But the child male sadly replied 'No, Santa Claus

can not bring it to the place where my brother was.

I have to give this doll to my mother so that Mom can

gave him when my mom got there. " Laki2 child's eyes

so sad when he said this' My brother has gone to God.

Papa said that the mother also soon went to God, then I think

Mom can bring this doll to give to my brother. " My heart

stood still.

Male child looked at me and said: 'I want daddy to

Mom told not to go first. I asked Dad to wait

until I came home from the supermarket. " Then he showed pictures

who was laughing. Kamudian he said: 'I also want to bring Mom

This picture so do not forget me. I love my mom and I hope he does not

leave me but daddy says mommy should go with my sister. "

Then he looked sadly into the doll with silence.

I quickly grabbed my purse and took some notes and

said to the boy. 'What if we check again, kalau2

enough money? " 'Ok' he said. 'I hope I have enough. " Add

money on the money without his knowledge and we started counting. Apparently

enough for the doll, and even rest. The boy cried: "Thank you

God for giving me enough money 'then he looked at me and

added: 'Yesterday before bed I begged the Lord to

make sure that I have enough money to buy this doll

so my mom can give it to my sister. HE listens to me.

I also want my money enough to buy a white rose for my mother, but

I did not dare to ask too much to God. But He

gave me enough to buy the doll and a white rose. " 'You know,

mama likes white roses'

A few minutes later, her grandmother again and I passed with

buggy. I finished my shopping in a totally

different from the start. I can not remove the child from

mind. Then I remembered a local newspaper article 2 days ago,

which states a man driving a truck in a drunken condition and

hit a car containing a young woman and a

little girl. The little girl died instantly, and his mother in

critical condition. His family had to decide whether to pull the tool

supporting life, because she will not be able to get out of

coma. Are they the family of this male children?

2 days after the meeting with the little boy, I read in the paper

that the young woman had died. I can not stop

myself and go buy a bunch of white roses and then go to the house

funeral where the body of the young woman was shown to orang2

to pay their respects before the burial. Women's

there, in her coffin, holding a white rose

beautiful photos laki2 child and the doll placed over the

chest. I left the place crying, feeling my life has been

changed forever. The love that child to the mother laki2 and

his sister, until now still difficult to imagine. In an instant

eye, a drunken man took everything from the child.