Monday, 7 December 2009

'Oldest Church' in Holy Land

Archaeological world is shaken by recent major discoveries in Israel. This discovery is welcomed by Christian leaders, who see it as an affirmation of faith.

Israeli archaeologists have discovered the ruins of the church the third or fourth century in the north of Israel. These buildings are believed to the oldest church ever found in the Holy Land. The church has neatly carved mosaics, referring to Jesus Christ and images of fish - an ancient symbol of Christianity. "This discovery is the first time in life. Very impressive," said chief archaeologist Yotam Tefer to VOA ..

The church was found accidentally during renovation of a prison in Megiddo - what is mentioned in the New Testament about the last days - the end of the war, indicating tamatnya apocalyptic world. "This is where the final battle, the Day of Resurrection," said Mr. Tefer. "Of course, this is the place. So, why is it so important for Christians the world," he continued.

This new discovery shook the Christian world. "Of course this is a major discovery which will be a validation for all Christians around the world," said Pietro Sambi, Vatican ambassador, told Israeli television. "Of course, all Christian people to feel confident of history Jesus Christ, "he added." However, it is important to obtain proof of archaeologists, the existence of a church dedicated to him. "

This also is good news for the Israeli tourism industry, which has been hit by the Israeli-Palestinian war for five years. "This discovery makes my heart beating!" according to the Israeli Tourism Minister, Avraham Hirschzon. "This can bring huge tourist flow in this country," he added. Israel considering to move the jail where the church was found, which can be opened to the public.

This will allow Christian pilgrims visiting Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Galileo, to stop at Armageddon.

(Article Robert Berger, VOA) *