Monday, 4 January 2010


Today there are many attitudes that do not agree on the identity of Jesus of Nazareth. If you are in a random survey asked a number of people, who Jesus according to them, then you will get different answers. Some people would say that Jesus was a great apostle which can be likened to the Buddha, Mohammad, Confucius and others. Others will refer to him as a great educator. Still others will say that he was a loving, but weak that was killed for a noble cause and lost.

Who do you think Jesus was? Was the above opinions fairly accurate? Or is there some missing details? Our time wants an open attitude and honest in any investigation. So it is about Jesus, it is important to get all the facts before accepting or rejecting them.

Jesus Kritstus expressed as God, the Creator of the universe, one that only through him we can enter into Heaven. This is a tall statement!

Our age brings us to the relative confusion of all things about Jesus because we simply imagine the relevance of the point of "taste" to us personally. For example when we choose a cap or hat. Actually it is completely different. Is the statement in the New Testament is true or not. If not true, let us look at the other. But if the statement is true, whether we should not accept it and believe in him as ordered? The answer to that question does not depend on what we'd like, but on whether Jesus of Nazareth can be compared as claimed. Helping you to understand that she's really the eternal Son of God (John 8:58) is the answer to all this. Millions of Christians are quite confident that your eternal life and I was depending on what we do with Jesus Christ (1 John 5:11-12)

"And this is the testimony: God has eternal life to us and this life is in His Son. Who has the Son has life; who does not have the Son does not have life." 1 John 5:11-12