Friday, 15 January 2010

The love of Jesus Who Really Beautiful

My name is Jessica, I am a wife and a mother of my son (Ricky Rafael) 4-year-old. After getting married in 2004 I moved to follow her husband, leaving Jakarta moved to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. My husband is also an Indonesian and he got a job in Vietnam. Before getting married and moved to Vietnam when it was my job at the height of his career but there is a choice to marry. On the one hand I still can not quit my job, but on the other hand I have to get married. After 5 years in Vietnam from the material and love my husband ... so profuse limpah.Tetapi I still like living in an artificial world, I became angry, emotional, depressed, could not enjoy the gift of God. Anyway, it's my life and it does not mean can not accept reality. I am familiar with Jesus ... but yach known only so-so only. Once the desire was enormous, but because in the land of spiritual cleansing it was so-so only.

Saturation peak I was when I and my friends one of our division laid off because of the crisis that has begun to be felt and we are also in the Project-cancel. Long story short end of October 2008 I am looking for information from and I click the Caramel Valley. I've heard the name of Caramel but I have never gone there. I also read about the retreat in Caramel, it must first come first retreat, but because of my intention round ... I ask my brother to daftarin me and it was a retreat on overcoming weaknesses. Finally, I allowed my husband to return to Jakarta, I was told I had to withdraw. At that time I actually went to the Caramel myself, I go travel to come pick up the house, and I also do not have friends, I just go alone.

On the travel I can start traveling companion in the room ... and I also have a mother and a friend follow anaknya.Saya session well after the session ... it absolutely delighted and fit in my adoration was touched by Jesus .. it really means a retreat to and I feel the love of Jesus is so big in my life. Home retreat seemed like a burden so glad that several hundred pounds lost. At that time I prayed ... Lord, if I repent allow me to come back. The end of January 2009 and then fit a coincidence in Vietnam Lunar New Year holiday long ... I was given the opportunity by God to come back again and I took my brother and a friend of mine.

We follow the inner wound healing retreat. I think this retreat really nice and extraordinary. We were invited to look back on all the events that hurt us sometimes that we do not even realize sekalipun.Ternyata in this retreat was also the Lord came to me and made me more aware that Jesus loved me and he was so nice to come home from saya.Setelah inner healing retreat, this time it felt like someone in love with Jesus, out completely in Caramel biasa.oh yes I even met two Vietnamese sisters candidates and we chatted for a second time. It was the Lord brought us all, may their lives always call dijalanNya. I am truly grateful to Caramel (Father, Brother, Sister) who has bridged this semua.Yang clear since returning from Caramel ... I can let go of all the bad in me, I leave it all to Jesus without syarat.Terimakasih God for everything. Amen. For my friends who have a chance to Vietnam ... be happy ... please contact me!

Jessica, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam