Monday, 18 January 2010

Again, the Church in Malaysia Damaged

Kuala Lumpur: The attack on the church in Malaysia until Monday (11 / 1) was already into the fourth day. Latest attacks occurred against the Gospel Assembly Church of Borneo in the State of Negeri Sembilan, Monday at dawn. Two church doors made of wood burning. There were no casualties in the attack. Not clear how the attack event occurred, because there was no trace of Molotov cocktails around the church.

Meanwhile, Malaysia's Ministry of Home Affairs immediately held a meeting with about 70 diplomats to reassure them about the seriousness of Malaysia to protect the diversity of religions in the country. In addition, Malaysia also promised to increase patrols at churches and mosques throughout the country.

Allegedly, triggers the attack was the decision of the High Court of Malaysia (31/12) past, the government lifted a ban on the use of the word of God by the Roman Catholics in their newspaper The Herald Malaysian language. In fact, Malaysian Muslims against the decision. Even for the use of the word of God in the Bible speaks of Malaysia.

So far, a total of nine churches attacked strangers. In addition, as many as 10 thousand copies of the Bible use the word of God as God pronouns government confiscated.