Friday, 15 January 2010

Learn justice from the house, sports field and the Lord

For the LORD will give justice to his people, and would love to servants of His. (Psalm 135:14)

Where is the best place to learn about justice? At home with the kids! At home, the family, we can easily understand and biological theories of justice is not merely philosophical or abstract thinking more complicated, but something of the principles and practice of living a very real and simple. The kids are still small even with an easy one to know and feel if injustice happens and will protest. At home we are also very easily grasp the meaning of the phrase: no justice no peace. There is no justice, no peace. Families must be fought and fought, if not feel justice. That is why we, say or not say, always try to fair and uphold the principles of justice in the family and our household. At home, though using simple language, as defined justice experts stated: every person the same and equal before the law and obtain protection. Each person is guaranteed to get what his rights, needs, and appropriate rewards for his achievement. And that's what makes our family a peaceful and happy.

But there is a second best to learn about justice: the world of sports. In the world of sports or sports we really appreciate the principle of fairness or justice. All of our adults and children know that in playing soccer, badminton, race, etc. we must be fair and not fraudulent or deceitful (children who shunned direct play dirty or hostile, is also a rage when lost). Losing to win the important matter of all play by the rules. All good but there is the best and all accept it gracefully. Trophies, prizes, or rewards given to the best. And all we know is best not to fall suddenly from the sky, but the fruit of perseverance, hard work and struggle are concerned.

Today we are invited to bring justice principles and practices that we live in a very family and the world of sports in society and the state. Of the people and country circumstances much larger and complex, but still requires the principles of justice that is very simple. Just as in the home or the sports world, in churches, communities and countries we must also strive to practice: each person gets what's become of his rights, needs and reasonable remuneration for his achievement, as well as equal access to sources of life.

For those of us who believe the principle of justice has deeper roots: the LORD is just. He loves us and give us justice. Therefore we also must be fair and uphold justice in everyday life we are. Here we are increasingly aware of justice is not about taste, mood, or situation, but the nature of the Lord, who is also wanted in our hearts. He calls us to come to realize justice in bergereja life, society and state. And let us realize that no one can evade or escape the justice of the LORD.


O God, Thou art the God of justice. You love the weak and helpless, and reply to each person according to his deeds. But you are also God's loving and forgiving. KepadaMulah we arrived with our lives. Teach us to be fair in everyday life we are, not only at home and when playing sports, but also in all the rooms of our lives. Please help us fight for justice in our country so that everyone gets what became of his rights, needs and appropriate reward for his achievements and hard work, and have equal access to the sources of life. In Jesus we pray. AMIN.

Pdt Daniel Taruli Asi Harahap